Technical Chemical Company

A Legacy Of Commitment, A History Of Honor
  Over thirty five years ago, Technical Chemical Company made its first promise to give our customers the best. Today, through our Cleburne, Texas headquarters, we make premier products for the automotive, hardware, marine and industrial markets. Our commitment continues, and this time our promise extends to the world. Leading the way in innovative products, Technical Chemical Company pledges to protect the environment. Our word is as good as our technology.

  We've been in business since 1961. We are not one of those "Johnny-come-lately" chemical brands recently appearing in the marketplace with a "new" line of chemicals being packaged by an existing chemical packager. With our global distribution channels, TCC outsells many other "National" brands. We'll be here tomorrow.


  Our family of Automotive Chemicals offer a uniform theme with modern graphics to help identify each product. We employ the latest in graphics with lithograph labeling instead of paper labels that can come off (liability situation), or get dirty and ragged looking on the shelf.  We also package and blend our own products and have become one of the leading packagers of refrigerant in the country. We don't have to depend on other packagers for our branded product line.

  We are extremely competitive with other "National" brands as well as with most "Regional" brands of chemicals, while still maintaining the quality that our customers have come to expect from us.
Line Breadth

  We offer a complete line of Automotive Fluids, Aerosol Products, Refrigerant Gases, and Reclaim-Recovery Equipment. We currently market our chemicals and refrigerant under the "Johnsen's" brand.  We are continuously adding new products to our extensive line of chemicals. 

Product Integrity

  Our success may be built on product quality, but our cornerstone is customer commitment. Key to both is Statistical Process Control (SPC), Technical Chemical's benchmark testing system. After all, a product can only be as good as the standards it must meet. In setting ours higher than the rest, we insure that our customer gets only the best. We have rejected the occasional request to offer a "lesser quality" product to meet the pricing pressures of some of the "me too" chemical lines.

Private Label

  You may be more familiar with us than you think!  We are a major packager of private label brands for many companies.